CIDBT 5003 Advanced Dog on Person Aggression

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This is one of the most serious problems that dogs display and possibly the hardest dog behaviour problem to assess and handle. The increasingly stringent UK dog laws are ever changing and the public’s’ view of dogs who display aggression towards people is understandingly very intolerant. Working with dogs that display aggression to people requires extreme skill and a very broad and exacting knowledge of canine and human behaviour.

The two day workshop is an exciting and often eye opening weekend, taking you through some of the most common types of dog to human aggression, observing first-hand the physical, emotional and environmental challenges of both the dog and the dog owner.

In common with all of our courses, they are delivered with knowledge, empathy and understanding hopefully along with a little humour where appropriate.

This course is designed to guide you through the complex forms of dog to person aggression in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and, most importantly, to find ways to alter this behaviour and reform a dog’s view of people to make them not only safe members of our society, but to provide owners with realistic time scales and sensible, safe plans to get to where they need or wish to be.

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Together with a vast array of films demonstrating dog on human aggression cases, lots of discussions, imparted knowledge from highly experienced practitioners, the course culminates with a real client and their dog visiting you for a behavioural consultation on day two, or you will be asked to observe a dog displaying aggression to people who is currently awaiting a home and needs reformation training both now and when that dog goes in to a new home.

This is a work-based programme that includes a 2-day workshop which is a core element of the module. Lunch and beverages are included throughout this module.

The venue for this workshop is at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneligh Park, Warwickshire.  The course cost is NOT inclusive of accommodation, if you would like to book a room at the hotel please contact your tutor who may be able to get preferential rates.

  • To gain an understanding of how the domestic dogs mind works and the basic causes of dog on person aggression.
  • Using the students limited professional experience and video based case studies to explore a range of dog aggression characteristics
  • To discover some of the different elements that can act as triggers for dog on person aggression.
  • Discover how aggressive behaviour by a dog can result in its rejection by an individual or family member
  • Understand how the owners situation/location and family circumstances may contribute to the development of dog on person aggression
  • Discuss the importance of training strategies in the home and moreover public areas/ parks.
  • Discuss the range of solutions that rehabilitate or manage such dog types and ramifications thereof
  • Understand the law relating to working with aggressive dogs
  • Meet a client and have the opportunity to develop and conduct a behaviour consultation including information gathering, testing and practical solutions.

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CIDBT 5003 Advanced Dog on Person Aggression

Helen McGuirl


“I was looking to change career’s and follow my passion into the dog industry.

I looked at many courses then I found CIBDT. I live up in the North East and these courses where down South. It was one of the best decisions I made and the travel just became part of an exciting journey.

I’ve lost count how many courses I took online and participant in classroom environments and practical workshops. I’ve met fellow students that have gone on to be life long friends.

Education has to be informative and reach everyone on a personal level. The environment has to be friendly, inviting and comfortable. These courses met all this criteria and more.

I’ve gone on to work with rescue’s and dog’s with behaviour struggles from traumatic backgrounds and experiences and writing behaviour modification plan’s for rehabilitation. My confidence grew by choosing these courses with CIBDT giving me the tools to choose my own path in the dog industry and giving me the opportunity to learn and enjoy at the same time.”

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