CIDBT 5010 The Professional Canine Behaviourist

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This course is about working as a Professional Canine Behaviourist and will cover some dog behavioural solutions and discussions, but is primarily concerning the client and practitioner relationship and the consultation process from start to finish.

Many people who enter the world of dog behaviour do so to impart their knowledge and help people who are living with challenging dogs and very difficult problems. Understanding and being able to re-habilitate dogs is of course an essential prerequisite, but being able to successfully enter a clients home, assess the dog (and the owner) and to communicate your knowledge in an effective, friendly and motivational manner to rehabilitate the dog and within a reasonable time frame is an additional skill.

This may be a dream career for some, and earning a living is not simply based on ability and dog behaviour knowledge. This course is designed to help you be a professional and to navigate your local area, competitors and as importantly, socioeconomic profile within the areas that you work. Wanting to help dogs and people is most admirable, but a living has to be made and this is the course that will help you take your canine behaviour reformation and dog training knowledge to the next level by applying it to the many and varied clients who require your help, manage a successful consultation, be personable and help the client with empathy and understanding and improve the quality of life for them and their dog.

A useful course for all students and for any dog behaviourist, regardless of experience and is for those who would like to integrate their knowledge with new skills and a deeper awareness of all aspects of a consultation, from initial client contact through to report writing and the onward relationship. Made up of one Home Study phase, a two-day workshop and a reflective, self-development essay after the workshop.

The venue for this workshop is at Kennel Club Building, Stoneligh Park, Warwickshire. The course cost is NOT inclusive of accommodation, if you would like to book a room at the hotel please contact your tutor who may be able to get preferential rates.

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Some of the many topics covered throughout this course are:

Phase 1 (Home Study)

  • Your personal Experience and Future Goals
  • The Complex Job role
  • Legal and Moral Responsibilities
  • Personal Safety / Equipment
  • Defining your offer
  • Creating a Product / Assessing Local Availability
  • Preparing for a Consultation

Phase 2 (Workshop) 

  • Interview Techniques
  • Temperament Assessment
  • Personal Security
  • ‘Stooge Dogs’ – their use, well being and training
  • Environmental Assessment and Management
  • Presentation skills
  • Creating a Unique Product
  • Veterinary relations and Collaborations
  • Working with Others / Organisations
  • Setting fees
  • Report Writing
  • Handling and Managing dogs and clients in their own home and public places
  • Moral and Legal Responsibilities reviewed
  • The holistic Canine Behaviourist Workshop

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This course / workshop is bookable for 2023 dates.

In the first instance email for further details along with workshop dates and a link to enrol.

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