Recognition of Prior Learning (ROPL)

Due to popular demand – we now offer a Recognition of Prior Learning (ROPL) programme…we are not here to ‘teach granny to suck eggs’ or to have you waste your time or superfluous finances in order to achieve a certificate from square one.

We are here however to promote excellence within the dog training and behaviour industry. As a canine professional – you may not need to complete our courses due to your experience (and an element of continued professional development) – either through working with clients and/or with courses attended with other providers. We just need to know about it so that we can reward your achievements and work with you to achieve your educational certification goals.

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Candidates that are experienced in dog training and behavior can be awarded one of our Higher Certificates without having to complete any of our courses or be awarded the ability to forgo a number of courses to achieve a Higher Certificate.

You can apply for any one of our Higher Certificates through this recognition of prior learning programme. The process of recognition involves supplying evidence of knowledge and experience via the submission of an initial application and subsequent written essays combined with a supply of evidence via testimonials and video submissions et. al.

This is suitable for dog professionals with quantifiable experience within the industry.

Upon successful completion of our ROPL programme you may be awarded the full Higher Certificate for which you have applied – be awarded a level of knowledge and be signposted to further courses (effectively being awarded courses without having to complete them) to enable successful completion of the Higher Certificate or you may be awarded a different Higher Certificate based on the submissions that you provide – this could be a higher or lower level than you applied for.

For further information and an application form please contact us here (

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ROPL – Initial Payment

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