When you succeed, we succeed. Simple.

“From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow” At CIDBT we want nothing more than to see you grow and to fly off on your own exclusive journey of success within the industry.  We are always in the background if you need anything more from us, or just to check-in. Working in tandem with you, our unique student, we will set out as a team on the programme of learning, sharing, growing and succeeding. Our aim is to help you become the canine professional that you wish to be. We are as committed as you are to that goal.

We are people people.

Put simply – we love people and recognise that we are all part of one human family – all CIDBT tutors are comfortable stepping into the shoes of others and understanding all aspects of their unique situation… why? Because they have been there and they realise that we all have similar fears and anxieties. This understanding of your feelings and perspectives, will provide you with your personal guide throughout your studies. You will never be left alone to ‘just get on with it’. We will never ask you to do anything that you feel unprepared for, put you in the spotlight or put you out of your comfort zone.

We are dog people.

We adore dogs…perhaps that should go without saying…but we like saying it! We recognise that all people are individual and equally so are dogs. We strive to do our very best for both ends of the lead and recognise uniqueness and different qualities with all of the twolegged and four-legged colleagues that we encounter. Our tutors do not seek ‘celebrity’ via TV or Social media – in fact, most shy away from that. What they do appreciate is approval and respect from their peers within the industry. All of our tutors have the most amazing network of simply awesome canine behaviour and training professionals throughout the UK and internationally that support them, and in turn, they will pass this support on to you.

We take our students on their own tailored journey

Student feedback has revealed that one of the biggest issues for those wishing to start courses, is knowing where to start and how to construct a structured learning program to fit their chosen pathway. At CIDBT we have recognised this and make it part of our responsibility to recommend a tailored journey to suit your specific requirements.

Hundreds of successful students

CIDBT is one of the highest rated dog behaviour training schools in the country. Don't take our word for it, our students testify to this!

Emma Newth-West


"The CIDBT have enabled me to gain knowledge which has furthered my career no end. I have found the workshops to be incredibly engaging, welcoming and thought provoking. Ross and all of the team have boosted my confidence as a professional in the industry and I am greatly looking forward to continuing my studies with them. Through attending their courses, I have come away with ample ideas, reassurance in my existing skills, and new colleagues and friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their courses."

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