CIDBT 4101 Smart Puppy Training

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Is this course for you?

Are you starting up your own puppy training classes? Do you already run classes and want to get the best out of them? Do you want to work with new puppy owners and give best advice?  Or are you just interested in learning more about puppies?

Then this course is for you.

What you cover:

  • Understanding the psychological and physiological development of the puppy.
  • Understand how to select a breed and find a breeder.
  • Learn about the critical periods of temperament development.
  • Understand how puppies learn.
  • Learn about breed specific health tests and early puppy temperament testing.
  • Brining a puppy home, learn how to do this right.
  • Understand why puppies do what they do.
  • Understand more about feeding.
  • Understand what socialisation really means for your puppy.
  • Learn how to assist clients with their new puppies.
  • Learn how to create a manageable, confident and well-behaved adult dog.
  • Learn early puppy obedience training methods.
  • Discover how to set up successful training classes and get the best out of your puppies.
  • and much more… 

How it works:

  • Course comprises of three phases.
  • Study from the comfort of your home.
  • All work delivered via e-mail.
  • You will have your own dedicated tutor with years of experience in this field.
  • Your work will be assessed, and relevant help and advice given.
  • Enrol at any time and you will have six months to complete the course.

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Phase 1 (Home Study)

  • Involves the research and study of selecting a breed, a breeder, breed specific health tests, early puppy temperament testing, what to look for and how to advise.
  • The best way to bring a puppy home. Introducing your puppy to resident pets and visa versa!
  • Transporting your puppy.
  • Conditioning your puppy to household sights and sounds and vaccinations.

Phase 2 (Home Study)

  • Involves the research and study of socialisation – assessing the breed and the individual that you see.
  • Nutrition.
  • Crates, Cages, Dens and Myths.
  • Toilet training.
  • Toys, Treats and Play.
  • Alone time and preventing Separation Anxiety.

Phase 3 (Home Study)

  • Involves the research and study of assessing the individual dog and planning ahead.
  • Training and behaviour – what is this difference?
  • Obedience training – home and classes.
  • Trouble shooting – jumping up, mouthing, chewing.
  • Disciplines – what is there available to do with your adolescent dog now you have him.

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CIDBT 4101 is a three phase course, it is solely Home Study and no workshop attendance is required.


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