Where true learning really happens.

Academic theory is great but when entering houses with seriously aggressive (or otherwise very behaviourally problematic) dogs – you may need more than a theoretical approach.

That’s where CIDBT tutors come into their own…they have all been knocking on unfamiliar front doors / standing at looming gates / riding in lifts and awaiting the unknown dogs and people that lurk behind them for well over ten years and some have been doing it for well over thirty years or more! They all have many tales to tell (which could make your hair curl) – some of which you may hear on the workshops as we all delve deeper into this varied/unusual/interesting and, at times, dangerous occupation!

‘in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice – in practice there is…’

– Yogi Berra

That quote sums up CIDBT…we all love a bit (or quite a lot) of study and in fact, most of our tutors are qualified above BA (Hons) Degree level in Dog Behaviour & Training but we all know that experience has taught us more…dodging the bullets in whatever form they arrive – the dogs / the owners / the environment and a multitude of other factors that we have to take into account in this unique profession. Most importantly, all of our tutors still work ‘on the ground’ at the rough end of dog behaviour and training.

Whilst perhaps many onlookers will think that a dog trainer or Canine Behaviour Consultant spends their days skipping through fields playing with cute puppies or cuddling dogs – the reality is very different…as you may discover if you start your journey with us.

What’s so special about CIDBT workshops actually?

Quite simply…they are awesome but we would say that…however hundreds of our students agree – just have a look at our testimonials pages to see what our past delegates have said. We have the most amount of fun and pack an incredible amount of content and activity into all of our workshops at whatever level whilst honouring the integrity of CIDBT and promoting professional practice/customer service and best practice at all levels.

Our practical workshops at level 4 contain primarily dog handling and training.

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A wonderful mix of classroom based activity and outdoor sessions with dogs learning various new and unique training methods. We include demonstrations both in real time and on film with the tutors and their own dogs.

Due to our unique movie library (featuring only our Tutors and Admin teams) we have an array of downloads and films designed for our workshops that demonstrate an array of training techniques / equipment use and general dog behavioural interactions which provoke amazing discussions – guided by our Tutors and always assisted by the wide array of backgrounds of the course attendees. Another benefit of the workshops is the amazing network of ‘colleagues’ ‘friends’  and ‘fellow professionals’ that you meet and can stay in contact with.

At level 5 we ‘up the ante’ and although we do have ‘hands on’ courses at this level our dog aggression workshops are largely made up of real-life clients on film so that you get a true fly-on-the-wall view of several canine behaviour consultations that we can discuss in depth.

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Our level 5 aggression workshops also contain a real life client to work with…although we can’t guarantee that (it depends on the need and location of people at the time of the workshop) every workshop for the past ten years have had in-person clients and their dogs to work with before they have received any behavioural advice at all.

All at CIDBT love what we do…we love dogs…we love people and we love sharing ideas…come and join the CIDBT family… view all workshops  or contact us


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 Stoneleigh Park

The Kennel Club Building
Stoneleigh Park


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