“The workshops are true gems” – Hakan H. Kocayusufpasaoglu


‘The CIDBT is an amazing school and after having tried out a few it was head and shoulders above the rest. It benefits both professionals and novices due to their vast and varied courses which build on each other. Having said that even the most basic course offers true value even to a professional as there is always a faster, more efficient way for training something or another approach to a concept one is already aware of. I have found them simply invaluable.

The instructors are true experts in their field but more than that they are approachable and willing to part with their decades worth of experience in a way that is immediately applicable. Even after the courses have ended a real life question is answered promptly and efficiently by either Ross or Vicky – problem solved. Amazing. I have taken a lot of courses with the CIDBT and found their mix between theory and practice very well thought out, balanced and very educational. The workshops are true gems as they teach us how to practically apply the theory one has learned in a fun and enjoyable way. Each theory is only as good as its application and workshops give that invaluable hands-on experience. My favourite sessions were the aggression courses where the instructors guidance very quickly resolved the question of ‘how do I practically rehabilitate an aggressive dog’! It was an astounding ‘aha’ moment when the course revealed not just distraction strategies (which ultimately do not work) but strategies that can fully rehabilitate an aggressive dog! The lessons I learned I still use today while training and reconditioning more than 150 dogs to date. On behalf of myself and all the formerly aggressive dogs: Thank you CIDBT!’

Hakan H. Kocayusufpasaoglu

Man smiling with four dogs

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