“The workshops are run very professionally but are also great fun” – Kim Faulder


I am an ordinary dog owner and when I found that I had spare time on my hands and was needing something to do, I decided to learn more about dogs and their relationship with us.

I spent a great deal of time researching courses before deciding which provider to apply to. There are so many providers now and it can be very difficult to choose. However, I kept going back to CIDBT because I felt it offered an extremely professional and well-structured programme of courses.

I began by simply wanting to know more about my dogs, how they think, their behaviour, how they learn and how they have evolved into the modern-day dog. Due to the choice, structure and content of the courses my interest grew and I wanted more in-depth knowledge about my dogs and my relationship with them.

I have completed several courses with CIDBT and attended workshops at Stoneleigh. The workshops are run very professionally but are also great fun, the tutors have a huge amount of practical and theoretical experience and knowledge which they impart with an ease that makes so much information accessible to a wide variety of participants.

I am nearer 70 than 60 and because of my love of dogs and working through the courses run by CIDBT I have found myself in an unenviable position which I had not thought possible 2 years ago. Having owned 24 Labrador / Retrievers I have followed a different path of study over the last 18 months to become an Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor. I can, hand on heart, say that this is completely due to CIDBT’s courses which enabled my journey from one of an ‘ordinary dog owner’ to having passed several courses with not only CIDBT but qualifying as an instructor in my own right. Now who was it who said you can’t teach an old dog, (or woman!), new tricks?

Whether you simply want to understand your dog better or are already working in the areas of behaviour and/or dog training you cannot go wrong with CIDBT, they know what they are doing and you will certainly enjoy the process of learning through them. Go for it, I did, and see how far I’ve come.

Kim Faulder

Lady smiling at camera with a dog next to her looking at her

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