Practical Dog Handling Day




This one-day workshop is perfect for those looking to master handling dogs beyond their own. Exclusively for current or previous CIDBT students, this session provides invaluable experience with unfamiliar dogs. We’ve partnered with an outstanding Dog Rescue Centre in Bedfordshire to offer this unique opportunity.

The day kicks off at 10 am with an overview of the activities. You’ll receive detailed information about the specific dogs you’ll be working with and a list of exercises developed in consultation with the CIDBT team and the rescue centre staff.

You’ll then be introduced to your first dog. Depending on the dynamics of the participants and dogs, CIDBT will guide the next steps. This could involve creating cohesion among the dogs for group work or finding areas for individual training sessions. Our approach is flexible, ensuring the best experience for both you and the dogs.

In just a short time, you’ll have the chance to make a real difference.


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