Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council (PETbc)

The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training is a PETbc Preferred Educational provider and have satisfied a rigorous quality assessment criteria.

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The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (CIDBT) tutors all work full-time in dog behaviour and training in addition to running the various courses that we offer. We take pride in not having a fixed methodology, but encourage students to conduct a wide variety of research and reading, whilst being supported by our specialist teaching team in addition to our workshops and Home Study courses. All of our course content is consistent with the principles of kindness, fairness and best practice in canine welfare.

We are here to guide and to develop students in to active and professional trainers and behaviourists. Our tutors have wide reaching experience in many canine related disciplines aside from professional practice in the industry this is from heel to music, working trials, working gundogs, display teams, search and rescue, narcotics detection and others. What all of our tutors have in common is their passion for dogs, for dog training and general canine welfare. This fits well within the PETbc ethos and code of practice.

CIDBT were also a Kennel Club Preferred Educational Provider under the KCAI Scheme before it was altered to a membership body. We also currently work with the Open College Network (West Midlands) as an accredited Centre and with iPET Network.

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