10% off dog behaviour courses for past and present students giving feedback.
10% off dog behaviour courses for past and present students.

If you’re one of our past or present pupils, would you like 10% of your next course? All we ask in return is for you to place some feedback on our shop pages (good or bad) about other courses you have completed with us.

When we receive notification of the feedback, we’ll send you a unique code that gives you 10% off your next course.

All you have to do is sign into your CIDBT account https://cidbt.uk/account/my-account/

Then go to the shop and look for the course you completed: https://cidbt.uk/account/shop/

Once you’ve found the course look towards the bottom of the page for the ‘Review’ tab and add your feedback about the course. If it doesn’t allow you to post feedback, you may have picked the wrong course (some have two monthly payments, some have just one payment).

For technical reasons this offer is only applicable when you pay for your next course in a single payment. (not over two monthly payments)

Your voucher will remain valid for one year from the date of the feedback and can only be used once. You can apply for this again with any other courses you’re doing.

If you have any difficulty please email us payment@cidbt.org.uk or respond to this post.

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