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Colin Spender

Colin tutors the following courses:

CIDBT 4107 Dogs and the Law

This course is designed to enable you to study the basics of dog law - a must for the Behaviour Practitioner, Trainer and useful for all dog owners.

£345 - 3 Phase Course without Workshop

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CIDBT 5006 Advanced Dogs and the Law

To enable you to have a better working knowledge of dog law, to enable you to stay within the law when training and advising owners/clients and understanding how not to break the law when doing so, and what to do if you or they find yourselves in a situation having contravened the legislation relating to dogs.

£485 - 3 Phase Course without Workshop

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CIDBT 6005 The Advanced Dog Training Instructor

This module is designed to enhance knowledge gained so far. To become an advanced dog training instructor you would have to be an experienced dog trainer/instructor and have had the experience in instructing other trainers how to train.

£594 - 4 Phase Course with Workshop

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Colin Spender has been involved with training dogs for over 30 years, professionally for over twenty eight years. He is a Home office Qualified & accredited Police dog Instructor (H.Dip PDI).

Colin retired from the police service in September 2015 after 30 years exemplary service, 26 years of working and training police dogs. He is an expert witness for Criminal and Civil court cases involving dog related issues, as such he is an accredited Dog Legislation Officer (DLO) and recognised by the courts as such, in particular to banned breed and dangerous dogs.

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Colin holds an Advanced Certificate in Education (Adv Cert Ed) (HE) with Canterbury Christchurch University. Colin was closely involved with the Police puppy programme caring for and bringing on puppies alongside operational working Police dogs. He has worked successfully a number of General Purpose (GPD) police dogs as well as having dual trained narcotics dogs and specialist narcotics detection dogs. Colin was a dog assessor and puppy walker for his force, bringing on the puppies and sometimes gift dogs, training them to the required standard to be able to complete the initial police dog training course.

He has completed a Ba Hons Degree with the CIDBT in association with Middlesex University in Canine Behaviour, Training and Psychology. (Professional practice)

Colin now runs his own dog behaviour and dog training business, helping local owners overcome behavioural problems, which helps them to obtain a better relationship with their dogs with training advice and guidance. Using his knowledge base and as important hands on experience enabling owners to help modify undesired behaviours within their dogs. He helps educate owners to have a better understanding of the dogs displayed behaviours and read and work with their dogs on a dog to dog communicative basis, which enables the dogs and owners to rehabilitate themselves for a more peaceful life together.

Colin is also involved in helping to advise a local charity which trains dogs to assist the disabled (in particular wheel chair bound owners)

He is also a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers, (GoDT) holding a Master trainers certificate with them (MT)

Colin is a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog trainers (BIPDT) and has has now taken on the role as Director of Experts for the CFBA.


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