“It has lit a passion in me that I never thought I had” – John Weaver


Dogs have been a massive part of my life for over 40 years from owning, breeding, showing and for the last 16 years very involved with breed rescue, being the founder of The Old English Welfare and re-homing society, I thought I knew a little bit about dogs. But by a twist of fate, I decided to increase my knowledge about dog behaviour and so enrolled on a foundation course with CIDBT. This decision has changed my life, not only has it been extremely educational it has lit a passion in me that I never thought I had. I have now successfully completed three courses and now on some advanced courses which will enable me to start a new career in dog behaviour which a few years ago I would never have believed possible. A big part of this has been the passion my tutors have shown, and their help and support has been awesome. I have found Ross McCarthy not only truly knowledgeable but more importantly very keen to share his knowledge with likeminded people.

Any one with a passion for dogs wishes to learn more about the canine world I would strongly recommend you try one of the CIDBT courses it may change your life like it has mine.

John Weaver

Man walking his three big dogs

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