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“I highly recommend these courses to anyone” – Lucy Tunstill (Canine In-Tuition)

“I have completed a number of modules with the CIDBT, working my way up from Intermediate to Advanced level, and achieving Higher Certificates on the way. This created the appropriate pathway for me to be eligible to enrol upon and complete the Advanced PETbc Diploma.

The courses are carefully designed in a way that encourages the student to research areas of dog training and behaviour that they may not have embarked upon before. Although clearly structured, they also encourage the student to research widely and present ideas in their own way, making for a very personal account for each essay.

The modules include a variety of home study and workshop options which makes them accessible to all. I particularly enjoy the workshop phases, where I have found meeting and sharing ideas with like-minded professionals from all of the country hugely valuable (many of whom I have stayed in touch with).

The tutors are extremely knowledgeable, approachable and efficient, and are able to help to guide and advise you through not only each individual module, but through whichever path you choose to set out on, and beyond.

 I highly recommend these courses to anyone, whether they are new to dog training, have had years of experience, or are simply looking to widen their knowledge to help make them a better dog owner. They helped me to create a plan, and give me the confidence, knowledge and experience to turn what was a hobby into a hugely rewarding and successful career.”

Lucy Tunstill (Canine In-Tuition)

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