Lady in a garden with dog looking up at her

“I cannot endorse the CIDBT enough” – Corrine Bryce

‘Superb’….I was looking for a quality foundation course that could furnish me with a well-rounded understanding of basic dog training to help me with my young, feisty, Spanish rescue dog. After much research (given my background is in course development and Education), I chose the CIDBT. During my initial study module, I became fascinated and inspired to learn more about dog behaviour, psychology and aggression, areas I hadn’t even contemplated. So, from simply seeking a well-structured module that suited my requirements, 3.5 years and 7 courses later I have 3 Higher Certificates under my belt.. Through word of mouth, and via a local dog sanctuary, I began helping fellow Brits with various dog behavioural problems. I cannot endorse the CIDBT enough. However, given their level of standard, you do need to apply yourself as it can be quite challenging, but do not be daunted, as in return you will receive ‘100% plus’ support and encouragement from first class, accomplished tutors, consummate in their experience and knowledge. Notwithstanding the enjoyment, camaraderie and shared experiences between fellow students during the well organised and instructive practical workshops. It has been a most enjoyable journey, especially being in my 60’s, and whilst having additional travel expenses, living abroad it was well worth it. Now recently returned to the UK, I intend utilising my knowledge on a charitable basis.

Corrine Bryce

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