“I can wholeheartedly recommend CIDBT.” – Catherine A’Bear


I am so enjoying my CIDBT studies. The courses are very well structured and full of content; I am learning so much!

Each course is broken down into manageable chunks and a time allocation is suggested which is designed to gently steer you towards completing within the course timescale.

A tutor is assigned to you for each course and is there to help and steer you through the process. Diane’s feedback on my written work was expert and thorough. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time for study in a busy life and so she also did a great job in gently pushing me along to ensure I got over the finishing line.

I am now on my second course and am busy applying my learning in my work with our own dogs and my goal is to eventually support other dog owners to understand their own dogs better. I can wholeheartedly recommend CIDBT.

Catherine A’Bear

Lady on a beach with three dogs

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