Honey’s Raw Dog Food – 5 Reasons We Love Honey’s


The CIDBT tutors are passionate about including diet into their philosophy of training and behaviour and are thrilled to be associated with Honey’s Natural Raw Dog Food. 

5 Reasons we love Honey’s

  1. They’re family-owned raw dog food producer here in the UK
  2. The team are extremely knowledgeable about what they do
  3. We have a joint ethos that a natural, raw diet produces healthier, happier, longer living dogs
  4. They use the highest possible quality of ingredients in their food, and all recipes have been formulated by vets and are FEDIAF compliant
  5. Honey’s believe in a good, old-fashioned, traditional service and are happy to share their knowledge or just have a good old natter about dogs.

Honey’s & CIDBT

Honey’s are a natural fit – equally passionate about dogs – their well-being and a strong focus on honesty, integrity and customer care.

Many of our tutors use Honey’s for their own dogs and will agree with Honey’s statement that their food is Handmade with free-range, certified organic and wild meatBritish ingredients – so fresh you could eat them yourself

Don’t just take out word for it

But don’t take our word for it, check them out and see for yourself at https://honeysrealdogfood.com

honeys raw dog food

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