Higher Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management

The Higher Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management is our most popular training qualification for:

  • Animal Care Students
  • Student Veterinary Nurses
  • Veterinary Receptionists
  • Boarding Kennel Staff
  • Doggy Daycare Staff
  • Rescue and Re-homing Kennels Staff
  • Volunteer Veterinary Staff

This higher certificate is for all people within the various caring roles with puppies and or adult dogs. You can study around your current work schedule making these courses flexible.


Before starting this Higher Certificate you need to complete the prerequisite course shown below. Those with six months or more experience may forego this course.

CIDBT 4110 Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour

CIDBT 4110 is a four phase course, it is solely Home Study and no workshop attendance is required.

This course gives an insight into dog psychology, dog training, canine behaviour observation skills, understanding human/canine relationship and why dogs do what they do!

£425 - 4 Phase Course without Workshop

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In order to gain the Certificate in Professional Dog Training you need to complete the courses shown below:

CIDBT 4004 Fundamental Skills in Dog Handling & Training

CIDBT 4004 is a three phase course, phases one and two are Home Study and phase three is a One Day Workshop which you are expected to attend.

This course is all about dogs; dogs, dogs and more dogs… understanding dogs, handling dogs and training dogs. This course is aimed at the dog lover who wants to take their knowledge further either with their own dog or looking to venture into the world of professional dog training…

£395 - 3 Phase Course with Workshop

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CIDBT 4108 The Complete Canine

Essential Knowledge of the physical dog – for Behaviourists, Trainers and the studious dog owner.

Whether you are a dog owner with a passion for learning or a canine professional, the course is designed to provide a detailed physical study of canine anatomy and physiology.  How normal body functions affect the behaviour responses of the dog, and what possibilities there are for behaviour to be affected when body systems go wrong.

£295 - 3 Phase Course without Workshop

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CIDBT 4109 Introduction to Canine Veterinary Science

The course covers the basic principles of veterinary science and how that may interact with dog behaviour and psychology.

£295 - 3 Phase Course without Workshop

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CIDBT 4112 Veterinary Practice and Customer Care

The course is designed to introduce students to the elements of good practice in customer care in a veterinary practice.

£295 - 3 Phase Course without Workshop

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