Man looking down at his dog and his dog looking up at him

“For every problem there were many different solutions. ” – Tristan Wyatt-Hughes

I began my dog behaviour journey like most people- on the internet. I did a few courses online, and they were great for an academic foundation, but they weren’t providing me with the skills or the confidence I needed to face problem dogs. I needed an opportunity to bounce my ideas and theories off real people and ask advice around the specific issues I was coming up against. During my online courses I felt I could simply modify the same answer for any question- namely vet check, ignore negative behaviour and reward positive behaviour in very controlled circumstances that did not cause a dog to pass its tolerance threshold. Great for internet courses not so great for the person with the dog with the incredibly high prey drive who couldn’t recall when there was a squirrel in sight… For me the aggression courses were amazing as they provided an opportunity to sit down with other well-informed and experienced trainers and behaviourist and thrash things out! I learned so much from those days, perhaps most importantly that for every problem there were many different solutions. And they were fun too!

Tristan Wyatt-Hughes

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