Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our, ‘Is CIDBT for you’ page we have put together some of the most common questions regarding our courses and their content.

Certification & Qualifications
  • What is a Certificate?
    Each course awards a Certificate sent to your home address on completion of the course. For workshop only courses, a certificate of attendance is awarded.

  • What is a Higher Certificate?
    A specific set of courses that when completed, you are awarded a Higher Certificate in addition to the certificates for each course completed.  The nominatives ‘CIDBT Cert’ may be used upon successful completion. See the range of Higher Certificates here.

  • QualificationsWe offer Qualifications through two awarding bodies ‘AIM Qualifications’ and ‘iPet Network’ both regulated by Ofqual – The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.  Please see our qualifications page for full details of the qualifications we offer and how to enrol.

  • I have owned dogs for many years how do I know which course level to start with?
    Learning to train dogs of different breeds and types and the ability to instruct others to train dogs is a set of building blocks, the basic foundations are critical, so it is advised that you look to initially complete a level 4 course in your chosen field. If you are in any doubt please use our Contact Us form to seek assistance

  • Can I enroll onto the level 5 courses without doing any of the level 4?
    If you have in excess of twelve months or more full-time quantifiable, related experience working within dog behaviour, dog training or other qualifications, you may forego some of the Level 4 courses. If in doubt, please use our Contact Us form for clarification.

  • Can I bring a dog to the course?
    On some of our courses bringing a dog is mandatory and on some workshops, dogs are not required. If you are unsure, please contact your module tutor.

  • What’s included in the courses?
    Your course workbook and welcome pack, designated tutor contact and support, relevant reading information, assessment costs, CIDBT certificates, workshop information, workshop stationary if applicable (printed workbooks, notepads, pens, refreshments and lunches are all supplied).

  • What’s not included in the course?
    Mandatory Books and DVD’s may be required for some courses and are not included. For workshops travel and accommodation are not included, however, we can provide discounted rates at selected hotels to reduce your overnight costs together with many books and DVD’s at discounted rates.
  • Who approves the courses?
    We are approved by the Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council of Great Britain (PETbc). We are an Accredited Centre with both AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group and iPet Network, delivering qualifications regulated by Ofqual. We were also a Kennel Club Preferred Educational Provider when they ran their education programmes. For this we were assessed by the Kennel Club along with independent assessors for both our Home Study and Workshops. All of our courses are recognised and recommended by the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association.

  • What equipment do I need in order to receive and submit coursework?
    Once enrolled, all communication will be via email. Therefore, you will need regular access to a computer along with email and the Internet. You may also need facilities to play a DVD or download a video. You will need a basic familiarity on the use of sending and receiving emails and attaching documents as well as a knowledge of how to conduct Internet searches.

  • I Didn’t Complete My Course In Time
    For a variety of reasons some students are unable to complete their course on time. All courses are meant to be completed in six months, if you have a valid reason for not completing your course on time you can let your tutor know the reason and then ask them for some more time to complete the course. The time allotted to you is entirely at their discretion. If you still fail to complete your course after your tutor has granted you an extension you can pay for a three month course extension fee at a cost of £50. Check with your tutor before making payment here.If more than a full year has passed and you still didn’t manage to complete your course your very final option is to pay (with your tutor’s permission) the Course Reinstatement fee at a cost of £100. This will allow you to start the course from wherever you managed to get to the first time around (or start from scratch) – in other words, any work already completed will be used in your final assessment. Once you have paid this fee you’ll have a full six months to complete the course.
  • When can I enrol?
    We do not have set intake dates. You can enroll via the website at any time. All of our courses run for six months from the date of enrolment.


  • What happens after I enrol?
    Please view this link for further information.
Other FAQs
  • Reading Materials
    The CIDBT does not dictate training methods or behavioural reformation techniques. We encourage wide reading on an array of canine topics. On that basis you should be aware that the reading material we have selected gives a range of views to enable the student to be well versed in all manners of training, behaviour, health and well-being, these views are not necessarily the views of the tutor delivering the course or the CIDBT, nor are you expected to follow blindly methods or ideologies that do not suit your modus operandi. Your tutor will be working full-time in the related canine subject area and will deliver feedback based on many years of success in professional practice.

  • What is Home Study?
    You are able to study at your own pace within your own schedule guided by professionals. This enables you to complete courses around your own current work and family commitments.

    Our flexible study methods bring learning to life, combining top quality course materials and video media. You’re never on your own, thanks to plenty of on-going tutor support with real people you can talk to.

  • I want to know more about the Workshops
    Please see the workshop page here for full details of our workshops, if you have any other questions, please use our Contact Us form.

  • What help and support do I get?
    Once your enrolment with us has been processed and accepted your tutor will contact you and send, by email, your workbook and welcome pack. You are then able to contact your tutor via email or telephone for assistance. Thereafter, your tutor will help guide you through the tasks in order to complete the course.
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