Do probiotics help dogs behaviour?


Research now suggests that poor gut health can significantly affect our dogs behaviour. It is a fact that the gut is the core of any animals health (ours and our dogs!) which determines the health of our other organs and functions.

You want to know: Do probiotics help dogs behaviour? Read on to find out…

Your dogs digestive tract is filled with trillions of bacteria which is collectively called the gut ‘microbiome’. This bacteria helps to break down food, creating fuel that feeds cells throughout the body. It also supports the immune system and regulates metabolism to help maintain a healthy weight. But thats not all these bacteria do. Studies have found connections between certain gut bacteria and brain that influence mood and emotions, including disorders like anxiety, which can lead to aggressive behaviour.  Anxiety and aggression are becoming an increasingly common problems in dogs and up to 70% of behavioural problems can be attributed to some form of anxiety.

How does gut bacteria lead to behavioural issues?

Gut bacteria makes chemicals that communicate with the brain through nerves and hormones. This connection between the gut and brain is called the ‘gut-brain axis’ and chemicals from certain bacteria send messages that can cause anxiety and therefore behavioural issues.

It also makes perfect sense that the reverse would apply. Induced stress and anxiety from social factors would have an impact on your dogs gut microbiome!

We can then conclude that dysfunction of either the gut or brain (emotions) may well lead to behavioural problems in our dogs, resulting in problematic training.

Do probiotics help dogs behaviour? – What can be done?

There are two approaches that need to be considered. One is maintaining a healthy gut microbiome and the other is keeping social anxiety to a minimum. By addressing both of these aspects your dog will be in a much calmer state to enable effective training.

The Proflax solution

Feeding pre & probiotics – so healthy bacteria – will support the health of the gut microbiome, reducing the unhealthy triggers to the brain. Proflax Tummy Tastic supports a healthy gut microbiome, keeping the whole digestive and immune system strong. This powder packed formula also has cleansing properties, reducing toxins from within the gut wall, further supporting those healthy bacteria.

Top Products to try from Proflax

Tummy Tastic >

Your dog may experience different levels of anxiety. Some are more nervous by nature and others may have mild or severe anxiety. Proflax have two products which support all levels of anxiety.

Calm & Collected is a gentle blend that will help your dog feel more relaxed and happy. It is ideal for dogs with low-level anxiety or those who struggle to keep their focus or concentration when training or competing and can be used alongside a training/behaviour programme.

Calm and Collected >

Omega Calm provides an extra layer of calming support over our Calm & Collected oil. This blend includes Valerian and is ideal for dogs who are extra nervous, reactive, noise sensitive or have more severe behavioural/socialisation issues. It will assist in keeping your dog calm and relaxed alongside a training/behaviour programme.

Omega Calm >

dog wrapped up in a blanket with a Proflax logo in the right hand corner

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