“CIDBT has given me first rate start to my canine career” – Malcolm Paul Johnson (MA, MCFBA. MGODT)


Originally scouring the internet for a professional and accredited canine behaviour organisation to enhance my knowledge I found the CIDBT. From the outset I realised that this organisation had a professional approach to their students and was the ideal start to really learn and equally understand my profession.

I started with the CIDBT foundation course which was invaluable and give me the key understanding of dogs and their origins and the detailed way the tutors assisted and managed me throughout this major part of the course really impressed.

I followed the foundation course with Common canine behaviour problems and enhanced my knowledge even further with Professional Instructor skills and management. I Had a previous career where people skills was particularly important and using these in these early courses enabled a more targeted approach to be adopted with my clients.

As I furthered my understanding of canine behaviour I enrolled in several courses where an even more advanced approach was required, and I covered dog on dog aggression and dog on people aggression.

On each and every course I had a qualified tutor guiding me through the various stages, and the practical parts of the courses held at the Kennel Club was extremely enlightening.

I then completed a Masters through Middlesex University gaining a honours in The Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology, using my course knowledge, business knowledge and personal investigation skills.

I now have a thriving business as a Clinical Behaviourist with an ever-growing client base of over one thousand consultations.

I am also used as the go to behaviourist for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and complete several talk ins over the airways.

The CIDBT has given me first rate start to my canine career. Well done guys!

Malcolm Paul Johnson (MA, MCFBA. MGODT)

Man in a garden with three dogs

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