CIDBT 5011 Dog Breed Specific Behaviour: A Psychological Insight

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This course delves deeply into the psychology of breed specific behaviours and drives. Students will study the origins and evolution of dog breeds from breed types to nationally recognised breeds, to include breeding conflicts and dilemmas and the short and long-term effects on breed quality. Similarly, students will be tasked with how breeding affects behaviour and the state of which a breed’s integrity is compromised, and the hypothetical future for many of our breeds.

Further challenges include how the cultural influences and changes in environment, ecology and sociology have affected the dog-human relationship and subsequently the behaviour of dog breeds on both scientific and psychological levels.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to identify breed group and individual breed character traits. More pointedly, they will have an in-depth understanding of how to manage specific traits, stimulate breed specific innate drives without nurturing unwanted behaviour, and pro-offer breed specific advice in complex situations.

Assignments are designed to problem-solve real-world threats to dog breeds through course guided research, supplemented learning, and the logically sound theories and conclusions put forward by each student to support pro-active solutions in ensuring breeds are protected, well-balanced and safe in a modern society.

This course is not only recommended for those interested in learning more about dog breeds and breed specific behaviour, but for those motivated to change urgent and critical threats to a breed’s integrity and well-being. This is also a highly valuable course for professionals working in behaviour modification!

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Course Content Overview:

  • Breed Specific Behaviour, Psychology & Drives
  • Breed Evolution: Breed types to recognised breeds
  • Specific Breed Character Traits
  • Breed Group Character Traits
  • Breeding & Behaviour
  • Gene Pools & Breed Quality
  • Breed Extinction
  • Human Influences on Breeds
  • Cultural & Environmental Influences on Breeds
  • Breed Management
  • Choosing a Breed
  • Breed Advice

Phase 1 (Home Study)
Involves the research and study of domestic dog breed evolution and domestic dog breeding.

Phase 2 (Home Study)
Involves the research and study dog breed behaviour.

Phase 3 (Home Study)
Involves the research and study of human influences on dog breed behaviour, and the reflection of breed specific behaviour learning

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CIDBT 5011 is a three phase course, it is solely Home Study and no workshop attendance is required.


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