CIDBT 5005W Advanced Professional Instructor Skills

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This workshop can be attended as a ‘stand-alone’ course, thereby allowing you to enjoy and learn from the workshop without the academic (written / research) work prior to attendance. After completing the workshop you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. Our courses are designed so that the learners who attend the workshop are not disadvantaged by not completing prior Home Study.

This two-day workshop is designed to enhance knowledge to manage and teach as a professional Instructor.

This workshop is focussed on raising the bar, ‘upping your game’ and developing a unique, bespoke and amazing product. Dog training classes are in every town, so why would people come to you? Typically, this is via referral and recommendations because you deliver tangible results.

The two days will consist of class room style learning to include film and demonstration lead learning, interactive discussions, together with spending the majority of the time working your own dogs, instructing your peers, as well as observing other students giving instruction within a fun and friendly environment.

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This is all about working as a Professional Dog Training Instructor. Naturally most people who enter this occupation do so with a love of dogs, but that is not the only requirement to be able to make a living and really help people to train their dogs. Not all dogs are malleable, willing to learn or social and outgoing. A sound understanding of breed specific behaviour and learning is essential as well as an understanding and empathy of differing canine learning styles and developmental processes and owners varying abilities.

This workshop covers the following and much more

  • Breed specific behaviour and learning
  • Canine learning styles and development
  • Instruction styles
  • Managing difficult dogs in the class environment
  • The Assistant
  • Advanced Instruction
  • Motivation
  • Presentation skills
  • Class layout and getting optimum results
  • Time management
  • Business practicalities

This workshop is held at the Kennel Club Building, Warwickshire.

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CIDBT 5005W is a two day workshop course only, there is no Home Study attached to this course. More information about this course can be found on the main page using the link below.

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