CIDBT 5005 Advanced Professional Instructor Skills

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The Advanced Professional Instructor Skills course is designed as a natural follow on from our level 4 modules and is suitable for those who have completed CIDBT 4004, CIDBT 4014 and is a natural progression from CIDBT 4005 as well as those suitably experienced through professional practice.

This course is focused on raising the bar, ‘upping your game’ and developing a unique, bespoke and amazing product. Dog training classes are in every town, so why would people come to you? Typically, this is via referral and recommendations because you deliver tangible results.

This is all about working as a Professional Dog Training Instructor. Naturally, most people who enter this occupation do so with a love of dogs, but that is not the only requirement to be able to make a living and really help people to train their dogs. Not all dogs are malleable, willing to learn or social and outgoing. A sound understanding of breed-specific behaviour and learning is essential as well as an understanding and empathy of differing canine learning styles and developmental processes and owners’ varying abilities.

Understanding how dogs learn and have a vast array of techniques in your ‘ toolbox is of course an essential prerequisite, but being able to successfully teach people as the conduit to training their dogs in a knowledgeable, effective, friendly and motivational manner and within a reasonable time frame is an additional skill.

This in-depth course covers moral and legal responsibilities, dog training equipment for class and one to one environments, personal safety considerations, defining your offer and creating a unique product, advanced practical dog training exercises, managing difficult dogs in the training environment, motivational skills for dogs and owners, presentation skills, class optimisation, referral and veterinary relations.

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This course is designed to help you be a true Professional Dog Training Instructor. A useful course for all students, for any dog training instructors and is also for those who would like to integrate their knowledge with new skills and a deeper awareness of all aspects of a dog training class and one to one instruction. Made up of one Home Study phase, a two-day workshop and reflective, self-development feedback after the workshop.

Phase 1 (Home Study)

  • Personal history and experience as a Dog Training Instructor and future goals
  • The role of the Dog Trainer – moral and legal responsibilities
  • Planning
  • Business Models and assessing local competitors
  • Personal Safety and Equipment
  • Advanced Dog Training Exercises
  • Practical exercise and recorded evidence

Phase 2 – (Workshop)

  • Breed specific behaviour and learning
  • Canine learning styles and development
  • Instruction styles
  • Managing difficult dogs in the class environment
  • The Assistant
  • Advanced Instruction
  • Motivation
  • Presentation skills
  • Class layout and getting optimum results
  • Time management
  • Business practicalities

Post the Phase 2 workshop, you will be required to complete a short personal analysis and feedback form.

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CIDBT 5005 is a two phase course, phase one is Home Study and phase two is the two day workshop which you are expected to attend.

For further details, along with workshop dates and a link to enrol, please email 


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