CIDBT 4110 Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour

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This course provides all the general background information that someone interested in entering the dog-training and behaviour world will need as a foundation to work from and leading towards practical experience as you are encouraged to observe and participate in training classes and study trainers and their methods as well as the dogs they work with whilst undertaking this course.

You will gain an insight into dog psychology, dog training, canine behaviour observation skills, understanding human / canine theoretical & practically based relationships and why dogs do what they do!

You will study and learn from our own experts, frontline practitioners of dog behaviour and training. With theory merged with the real-world of practical dog training, in a way that no course material anywhere else achieves, you will learn to understand the domestic dog’s mind.

Discover the real truth about the connection between dogs and wolves with experts who work hands-on with both wolves and dogs on a day-to-day basis

  • Study how, where and when domestication occurred
  • Study breed groups and research the origins of your chosen breed
  • Learn the basics of grooming, care & maintenance
  • Study diet & nutrition and how to keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated
  • Learn how to shape behaviour and nurture a well-balanced dog
  • Learn about equipment – why there are so many options on the market and what their features and benefits are for specific dogs, owners and behaviours
  • Observe approaches to training using different methodologies
  • Study and evaluate training methods
  • Study and observe canine body language
  • Interview dog owners
  • Problem solve unwanted behaviour
  • Analyse the causes and contributing factors to a dog’s behaviour
  • Study Leadership Theory and common leadership practices
  • Learn important people skills, to include how to motivate change
  • Advise dog owners on what breed might best suit them
  • Provide puppy advice to owners

Write a final essay on Understanding Canine Care & Behaviour

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Breakdown of your studies:

Phase 1 (Home Study)
Will involve research and study of canine domestication, origins, breed groups, and breed study

  • Personal experience with dogs
  • Domestication theories
  • Canine origins
  • Breed group identification
  • Breed specific study

Phase 2 (Home Study)
Will involve research and study of canine physiology, anatomy, grooming, maintenance, diet and general care, and canine communication

  • Canine physiology & anatomy
  • Grooming, maintenance, care, diet and nutrition requirements
  • Pet dog behaviour
  • Canine body language & posturing
  • Observations

Phase 3 (Home Study)
Will involve the research and study of dog training equipment and methods

  • DVD learning systems working with dogs and clients
  • Training equipment
  • Training methods
  • Interviews

Phase 4 (Home Study)
Will involve the research and study of dominance in dogs and leadership theories

  • Leadership theories understanding the dogs mind
  • Interviews and analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Owner advice
  • Final essay

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CIDBT 4110 is a four phase course, it is solely Home Study and no workshop attendance is required.


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