CIDBT 4107 Dogs and the Law

Course Info
This course is designed to enable you to study about the basics of dog law, by researching and learning and understanding the basic legislation and relevant dog laws that all dog owners should know, it will help you to become a more informed and responsible dog owner.

Dog ownership and the responsibilities of having ownership of a dog with regards to dog legislation, in particular, Ownership and Theft of dogs, Negligence and Liability your responsibility, and parts of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, is to name just a few areas of the legislation one should really understand. If you wish to take your study further and incorporate it within the dog training arena then this is field you really do need to understand. A must for the professional dog trainer! Other pertinent legislation connected to dogs is also covered and may impact on the advice that you may have to impart to owners, to help them better understand their responsibilities’ of dog ownership. Successful students will build a good understanding of Basic dog law and the legislation.

Course aims
This course will direct and enable you to identify relevant legislation concerning dog law, understand the legislation and impart this information to owners when dealing with them and their dogs. We as dog owners may have dogs with some displayed dog issues, be it behavioural problems, or even displayed aggression to other dogs, animals, and even humans. By understanding the legislation, and your responsibilities and that of others to whom the law applies you and they will be better informed about the consequences of breaking the law.

The course is delivered in three phases over the Internet.

The syllabus content for this course:

  • Study of course material, books, and research
  • Ownership and theft of dogs
  • Owners responsibilities under strict liability and negligence rules
  • Dogs on the road
  • Trespassing with dogs
  • Nuisances, bye-laws and hygiene regulations
  • Dog collars and strays
  • General welfare of dogs (Animal Welfare Act 2006)
  • Dogs and game

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Breakdown of your studies:

Phase 1 (Home Study)

  • Will involve research and study of canine law
  • The main element of this phase will be
  • Personal history and canine experience (relating to law)
  • Web research and reading –specified topics
  • Theft act 1968
  • Owners responsibilities, strict liability and negligence
  • Dogs on the road
  • Dog collars and strays
  • Activity log sheets
  • Multi-choice questionnaire

Phase 2 (Home Study)

Will involve research and study through watching a specified DVD and law study
Watch the recommended DVD and determine what offences you think may have been committed by:

  • The owner and his /her dog, List the offence(s) and the relevant legislation applicable to the offence (s) Discussed with the behaviourist. (During consultations)
  • From your own research, find 3 cases / stories of cruelty to dogs (other than fighting) for which a successful prosecution and or conviction was made. Summarise and submit them in a short essay format. (Detailing the source of your information) 500 -800 words.
  • From your own research and investigation locate three cases /stories of prosecutions relating to dogs (other than dog fighting) for which a prosecution and / or a conviction was made, Summarise and submit in a short essay format (detailing the source of information) 500 -800 words
  • Minimum web research: –
    Research nuisances, bye laws and Hygiene regulations in relation to dogs
    Research Dangerous and ferocious dogs, in particular Dogs Act 1871, and ferocious dogs under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847
  • complete and submit relevant activity log sheets for this Phase
  • compile and submit a completed work book learning outcomes journal for this Phase
  • To finalise the module you will be sent a multiple choice questionnaire (2b) on all material researched from this Phase (will be issued to complete this Phase at the appropriate time)
  • Complete all the assignments

Phase 3 (Home Study)

Will involve the research and study of dog law
To carry out primary research through reading relevant dog law books /sources of information on;

Clean Neighbourhoods and Environments Act in relation to dogs

  • Write a formal 800- word essay on your interpretation of the clean Neighbourhoods and Environments Act in relation to dogs
  • Re-View DVD list and comment on the offences disclosed or committed (if different to your first Analysis) by the owner and his dog
  • Research trespassing with dogs, and offences committed and write a formal essay No more than 800 words on your interpretation of the legislation
  • Write a reflective essay of 3,500 words on the areas of the legislation you have learnt about during your course of study and its relevance to yourself and responsible dog ownership
  • submit your completed activity logs and work journal

In order to gain the ‘Dogs and the Law’ Certificate in you need to complete the three phases shown above.

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CIDBT 4107 is a four phase course, it is solely Home Study and no workshop attendance is required.


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