Bespoke 2024 Dog Aggression Programme and 4 Day Workshop

Dog Aggression for the Canine Professional

Over the four days this indepth course will cover many aspects of dog aggression from the Canine Behaviour Practitioners perspective.

We will cover…..

  • Understand the consultation process in regard to dog aggression for safety and to maximise success with clients.
  • The nuances of canine body language when assessing aggression in dogs.
  • Reactivity Vs Aggression.
  • Interview techniques and finding out what you need to know to create behavioural timelines.
  • The referral processes.
  • Common types of aggression towards dogs and people.
  • Medical influences on dog aggression.
  • Options for temperament testing and assessments.
  • Handling and managing other dogs when resolving dog on dog aggression issues.
  • Reformation techniques…..

and so much more!

This is a dynamic course, led primarily by film case studies and facilitated by two full-time Canine Behaviour Practitioners.  

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In usual CIDBT style, our minds are open to discussions in a safe and supported environment where all opinions are respected, discussed and valued.

Upon successful completion, you will receive the ‘Advanced Higher Certificate in Canine Behaviour Practice and Aggression Studies’.

This course includes one phase of home study in addition to the 4-day workshop.

Workshop dates 24th to 27th October 2024

Cost for full course £695

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