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The power of training using positive reinforcement.

Training through communication and partnership.

Discover the secrets of clicker training and find out how to teach your own dogs and those of your clients using positive reinforcement.

You will be amazed at just how quickly you can establish communication with any dog and encourage them to actively participate in learning new exercises and behaviours – this really is training through partnership.

Discover this fun training method in a comprehensive one day workshop packed with valuable information from expert trainer Sue Williams Bsc, MCFBA, MGoDT (MT); one of Britain’s leading dog and animal trainers. She has a wealth of experience training not only dogs but pigs, skunks, llamas, raccoon dogs, reindeer and many more. She is passionate about developing strong partnerships and understanding between trainer and animal through the use of clicker training and positive reinforcement.

This workshop course is specifically designed to maximise students learning so that at the end of the day you will have the skills to effectively teach basic and complex exercises using a clicker. The day will be particularly useful to dog trainers/ professionals who are interested in developing their training methods and are either new to clicker training or already have some experience and wish to increase and develop their knowledge of this method.

The workshop includes:

To get the most out of the workshop it is advised to bring a dog with you. Dogs ideally need no previous experience, but must have a good temperament and be friendly with people and dogs.

The workshop is held at the Whitley Village Hall, Village Lane, Lower Whitley, WA4 4EJ. Refreshments are provided throughout the day.

PBC 431 Clicker Training and Operant Conditioning

About This Module

Module Number

PBC 431

Middlesex University Acc’



Towards These Levels

Distance Learning


Workshop Based & Dates

29th June 2014

Certificate on Completion


Module Duration

One Day Workshop

Tutored by

Sue Williams



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PBC 431 Clicker Training and Operant Conditioning
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