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Dog Behaviour and Dog Training Qualifications

Here at the CIDBT, we aim to nurture, develop, grow and assist people to reach the highest echelons in their career. All of our team are truly passionate about people and dogs.

We offer a programme of work-based, hands-on and distance learning courses in dog behaviour & training from the basic to the most advanced. Importantly, all of our tutors work in frontline canine behaviour and various dog training disciplines (as well as being academically qualified) which enables them to share the very best and most effective real world information to all of our students in order for them to develop into successful professional practice.

We have a number of academic pathways to follow tailored to your individual requirements, expertly and fervently guided by our tutors who know that dogs and people learn better in a fun, motivational and supported environment.


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National Dog Instructors Qualification Recognised by the PETbc

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We are proud to be a Kennel Club KCAI Preferred Education Provider

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Qualify as a Dog Instructor

Government National Occupational Standards for Dog Behaviourists and Trainers

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All courses available to pay on a monthly basis at no extra cost. See the table at the bottom of each course page.

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Completion of CIDBT requisite modules are accepted towards membership of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association, Britain's leader for Dog Behaviour Experts.

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The CIDBT are launching a new website in the next couple of weeks.

The new site will not have an option to pay for courses by instalment.

Once a full certificate of academic study is completed you can use the nominatives after your name of CIDBT Cert